Dimplex electric heating serves power station

Published:  04 April, 2012

Dimplex, space heating
Back-up heating for the normally steam-powered system at Fawley Power Station is provided by a range of Dimplex electric units, such as these CFH heaters in the store.

Electric heating from Dimplex has been installed to provide space heating at Fawley Power Station when steam is not available from April until the end of September. Not only do occupied areas need heating during this period, but it is important to avoid fluctuating temperatures in areas where sensitive technical components are stored.

The electric heating system installed in the 1960s to provide heat when the steam system, which also heats the oil used for generating electricity to 55°C so it can be pumped smoothly, is not available because, for example, it is being maintained, had never been upgraded, so it was very inefficient.

The storage area holds up to £2 million-worth of critical parts for running and maintaining the power station. This area is now heated by multiple Dimplex CFH heaters. They are operated from a single controller and used powerful centrifugal blowers for effective heating — helping to keep critical parts free of corrosion.

A small and frequently used welding bay is also heated by two CFH units using a single controller.

The welfare block housing showers and locker areas needs to be warm at the start and end of shifts. PLX ultra-slim panel convector heaters are used for fast and effective heat when needed. They have a high-accuracy electronic thermostat to maximise efficiency by reducing wasteful temperature drift.

Radiant heaters are used in outbuildings in several locations around the site. These standalone heaters are wired to a timer switch so workers do not have to think about turning them off when they leave.

Mark Saunders, electrical engineer at the site, explains, ‘The Dimplex heating is kept switched on all the time, with the appliances’ sensitive thermostats controlling the periods of operating to keep running cots down, even though the power station operates round the clock. The Dimplex units make sure that we provide a comfortable working environment, whether the main steam-powered heating is running or not.’

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