The new CentraLine Hawk 300E integration controller

Published:  01 October, 2014

CentraLine, Hawk 300E integration controller
CentraLine Hawk 300E series controller

CentraLine is pleased to announce the addition of the Hawk 300E to its portfolio of integration controllers.

The widening spectrum of applications using web-based controllers continually drives the need for more compact but powerful units that can be fitted in restricted panel installations.

The smart-device revolution has empowered economically viable consumer communication for monitoring and adjustment of building systems. The controls industry is being challenged to deliver competitive products that have the full scope of capability of controllers previously thought only suitable for large building management systems (BMS).

CentraLine by Honeywell has identified an increasing demand for smaller applications that have quite complex integration demands and sophisticated graphical remote communication.

In addition, users may require a system to be updated or modified, often requiring programming changes, and hope that these changes can carried out remotely without the need for a site visit.

Typical of the Hawk 300E applications are the ‘Smart Connected Home’ in multi-dwelling apartment buildings where the integrated heating, air conditioning and lighting can be accessed, monitored and adjusted by a smart phone — either within the home or remotely when traveling. The Niagara platform of the Hawk is ideal for fully integrating the building-services and lighting systems with the separate audio-visual system often installed in medium to high-end residential property.

This example fully illustrates a target application of the Hawk 300E where the complexity is high but the actual size of the system is reduced when compared with a traditional BMS. Honeywell is especially strong in the ‘smart’ or ‘connected home’ controls environment with its wide range of domestic products.

Powered by an embedded 400 MHz PC platform processor, the Hawk 300E is a controller integrator that combines supervision, alarming, scheduling, data-logging and web-serving capability, enabling the on-line management of devices and sub-systems presented in real-time graphics.

The Coach AX Niagara based software has been designed to provide seamless integration of open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, LON, Mbus and KNX — ensuring interoperability with a wide range of building services and systems.

Lighting integration is provided with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol which is widely used in the smart or connected home.

With two optional communication boards, the integration controller can support two Ethernet ports, one RS232 port and one RS485 port; there is also the option of cards for Sedona, ZWAVE and GPRS.

The Hawk 300E controller does not incorporate a battery. This is an important benefit to the building’s owner/operator as battery maintenance is no longer required. A new static random-access memory (SRAM) module installed on the main circuit board will update the Hawk via a new recovery service, ensuring data is saved for up to two weeks in the event of a power failure.

Available in four memory capacity models the Hawk 300E can also be upgraded with the option to the highest memory if there are modifications or additions to an existing application software.

Jeff Howlett, CentraLine by Honeywell senior engineer, commented, ‘The Hawk 300E is a very welcome addition to the Hawk AX family. Its wide span of memory capacity and application capability will be of great interest to our CentraLine Partners and their clients.

‘We can see great opportunities in the distributed integration-control in large systems and improved economy of scale in smaller applications.

‘Original-equipment manufacturers are increasingly fitting web-enabled controllers that can be integrated with a full BMS or accessed individually for performance and operational requirement. The Hawk 300E family is a great fit in terms of performance and expandability whilst having been a market leader in integration capability.’

For further information please contact CentraLine on 01344 656443.

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