Ideal Commercial boilers are ideal solution for refurbishment jobs
Published:  01 July, 2015
Ideal Commercial Boilers, boiler, space heating

Ideal Commercial Boilers has supplied eight floor-standing condensing boilers to the University of London as part of its on-going environmental initiative to reduce carbon emissions and running costs through on-going refurbishment projects. Evomod and Imax Xtra boilers have been installed in three student-accommodation buildings. Lillian Penson Hall has achieved the biggest savings, with running costs reduced by a third compared to the previous oil-fired boiler.

Fuel consumption at International Hall has been cut by over 15%, and running costs are already noticeably lower at Connaught Hall.

The boilers heat the students’ rooms. The heating system in each hall also serves a bar, kitchen, dining room, laundry room and games room.

Two Evomod 1000 kW boilers were installed at International Hall. There are four Imax Xtra 460 kW boilers at Lillian Penson Hall (pictured) and two Evomod 1000 kW boilers at Connaught Hall. All the boilers were installed by contractor McDonald Brown.

The boiler room of International Hall is in the basement. The Evomod boilers were selected for their modular configuration, as each module was light and compact enough to lowed into the basement using an on-road portable crane.

Access was even more challenging at Connaught Hall as the boiler room is in a courtyard surrounded by buildings. The Evomod boilers could fit through existing doorways, avoiding the need to hire a large crane to lift new boilers over the building and shutting the adjacent road.

At Lillian Penson Hall, the Imax Xtra boilers were light enough to be manoeuvred by hand down a sloping car park and into the basement boiler room.



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