House of Lords hears evidence on impact of modular on construction

House of Lords, modular, offsite

At the end of April, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, chaired by Lord Patel, took evidence for its inquiry investigating offsite manufacture for construction.

The Committee is examining the potential benefits of offsite for construction and any drawbacks or obstacles to its wider use. It will also consider how the offsite approach might contribute to improving productivity within the construction industry and how it will fit in with the Construction sector deal announced by the Government earlier this year.

The inquiry was set up to help examine how Government policy, particularly around public procurement, might need to change to encourage economically and environmentally sustainable practises in the construction industry, which could facilitate offsite manufacture.

Those appearing before the Committee in April included Professor Jeremy Watson CBE, vice dean of engineering and sciences and professor of engineering systems at University College London. Phil Wilbraham, expansion programme director of Heathrow Airport was also providing input.

Questions that the Committee was seeking answers to included: ‘What are the opportunities offered by offsite manufacture for construction? What are the likely drawbacks?’. The Committee was also asking ‘What should the Construction sector deal include?’

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