Ensuring the successful delivery of mains-pressure hot water and heating from underfloor circuits and radiators in a stone cottage in Cornwall, all served by an oil-fired range cooker, are Honeywell wireless controls and sensors.

Wireless sensors and controls bring sophistication to heating and hot water from oil-fired range cooker

Published:  12 April, 2006

Wireless controls and sensors are being used with an oil-fired range cooker to provide heating and mains-pressure hot water for a stone-built cottage in Cornwall.

There are four zones of underfloor and radiator heating in the home of Bob and Marion Reason, with control provided by Honeywell wireless controls, thermostats and control valves.

The entire installation was provided by heating specialist Stove Shop using a Sandyford cooker and its own Casaverde water interface cylinder.

The two underfloor-heating and radiator zones are each regulated by a wireless programmable thermostat. There is one wireless receiver in each zone to operate flow-control valves as appropriate. Each programmable thermostat can provide six changes of time and temperature each day.

Incoming mains water is heated by passing it through a coil in a cylinder of water that is heated by the range. The draw-off temperature is 75°C, but blended to provide 45°C at taps. The cold water flows from top to bottom though the cylinder coil.

Hot water from the range enters the top of the insulated cylinder and returns from the bottom.

Water for underfloor heating is drawn from the bottom third of the cylinder at about 60°C and blended to 50°C for delivering to the manifolds. This ensures there are no large cycles of depletion and recovery within the cylinder.

Radiator circuits are fed directly from the boiler.

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