Stokvis boiler range achieves maximum environmental credentials

Published:  17 March, 2007

The Stokvis Econoflame range of boilers exceeds the requirements of Part L and are made from totally recyclable materials.

The latest range of Econoflame commercial and industrial boilers from Stokvis Energy Systems exceed the requirements of Part L, and many are included in the scheme for Enhanced Capital Allowances. They are also made from totally recyclable materials.

There are 14 models of low-water-content floor-standing R300 and R500 boilers with outputs from 62 to 274 kW. They use the Stokvis design of premix, water-cooled bimetal burner, which is more efficient than atmospheric burners. The smallest boiler measures 445 x 500 mm. Several boilers can be connected in sequence. They have an integral primary pump and are BMS compatible. The bimetallic burner tubes have stainless steel on the inside and aluminium outside and are connected in series with multiple-pass stainless-steel heat exchangers.

The R3400, R3500 and R3600 series of Econoflame boilers modulate down to 25% of full output. There are six R3400 boilers with outputs from 657 to 1189 kW. The five R3500 boilers have outputs from 613 to 1000 kW, and there are five R3600 boilers from 631 to 1031 kW.

The R2700 fully modulating boilers have very low emissions of carbon monoxide and NOx and offer higher efficiency and smaller footprint and flue diameter than atmospheric models. They are made of stainless steel and include an integral primary pump. They are BMS compatible and have semi-condensing capability with no minimum return temperature requirements.

The R2000 and R18 series feature gas and air controlled from a single source, preventing the possible of control errors. The damper is insulated to prevent downward heat radiation and maximise efficiency. For ease of maintenance, the complete burner, including all gas and air controls, can be removed on wheels. Other features include a highly conductive copper heat exchanger to minimise size and maximise output. These boilers are substantially lighter than cast-iron or welded steel boilers, so structural limitations are overcome when they are to be installed in roof-top plantrooms.

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