Induction lighting offers quick payback times

Published:  05 October, 2011

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Low-energy induction lighting schemes in commercial and industrial settings can have payback periods of less than 18 months.

Payback periods of less than 18 months are claimed by Electrical Installation Services (EIS) by using induction lighting for warehouses in use for 24 h a day. Managing director Steve Neeves says, ‘Much has been made of LED lighting systems in recent years, but this technology has its limitations, particularly in larger-volume buildings commonplace in the industrial sector. EIS has been working closely with manufacturers of induction lighting, which provides more suitable light spread for higher level installations, to develop cost-effective and energy-saving lighting solutions.’

Induction lamps work by passing a magnetic field through a mercury gas from outside the lamp, which excites the gas to produce ultra-violet light, which is converted to visible light by a phosphor coating.

Because there are no electrodes in the lamps their life ranges from 60 000 to 100 000 h. Their efficacy is 60 to 90 lm/W. Savings in energy and maintenance range from 35 to 55%.

EIS project manager Stuart Olley has developed low-energy induction light schemes for a number of major companies. These schemes use sophisticated fittings and controls to provide internal areas with excellent levels of light, colour rendering and significantly reduced energy consumption.

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