Potterton Commercial, cascade, Boilers, space heating
The importance of system design — Steven Evans.

Maximising the potential of condensing boilers

Replacing an existing commercial boiler of up to 400 kW with a condensing model will meet the requirements of the Ecodesign of Energy-related Products Directive (ErP), but as Steven Evans, national sales manager at Potterton Commercial, explains, there is more to consider if you want to achieve the most energy-efficient solution.

Elco, NOx, Boilers, space heating

Boiler meets 2018 NOx requirements

Elco’s Trigon XL range of floor-standing gas-fired boilers achieves ultra-low NOx emissions complying with Class 6 (2018) requirements with emissions as low as 34 mg/kWh. The rating helps specifiers when assessing project criteria under BREEAM, with three credits available if a building achieves less than 40 mg/kWh.

Spirotech, water treatment, degassing, dirt separation, Boilers, space heating

Spirotech plays key role in boiler replacement

A Spirotech vacuum degasser and a SpiroTrap dirt separator are key elements in the replacement of cast-iron boilers serving an open heating system with modern boilers and a sealed vent system at Exeter Civic Centre. The previous heating system had been in use for nearly 40 years.

Atag, Boilers, space heating

Atag XL boilers are designed for versatility

Atag Commercial’s XL Series of gas-fired boilers is complemented by an extensive selection of modular installation and cascade options. Multiple sizes and configurations are available, so a suitable boiler configuration is always available. Up to eight boilers can be configured in cascade with a total output of up to 960 kW.

Elco, Boilers, space heating
The huge benefits of CHP — David Sadler-Smith.

Maximising the effectiveness of teaming CHP with boilers

Teaming up CHP with gas-fired condensing boilers offers the potential to maximise the efficiency of both technologies. David Sadler-Smith of Elco Heating Solutions discusses how to maximise the benefits of CHP when incorporated with gas condensing boilers.

Riello, burners, Boilers, space heating

Riello burners help drive efficiency for Telereal Trillium

These boilers at a high-profile Government site in Swansea have been given a new lease of life and brought up to the standard of any new boiler on the market with the replacement of their burners with dual-fuel burners from Riello. The site is managed on behalf of Telereal Trillium by Arthur Portelli of Oakbury Building Services Consultants..

Vokera, DHW, Boilers, space heating

Newly promoted Plymouth Argyle enjoys improved DHW system

Not only did the improvement in the performance of Plymouth Argyle Football Club last season lead to promotion to Football League Division One, but the performance of the heating and hot-water system has also been boosted with equipment from Vokera.

Remeha, refurbishment, Boilers, space heating

Remeha boilers are part of refurbishment work at the Old Bailey

As part of a 10-year £43 million refurbishment of The Central Criminal Court for England & Wales [the Old Bailey] Remeha floor-standing boilers have been installed to replace oil-fired steam boilers. The building is managed by the City of London Corporation and houses 18 courts and 52 cells over three floors. For the last 50 years, it has relied on four ornate steam boilers.

Ideal Commercial Boilers, aluminium, heat exchanger, modular, Boilers, space heating
Cast-aluminium designs allow for bigger waterways, making them more tolerant to variable system quality.

Taking the heat out of the boiler

Against the background of much debate about the relative merits of aluminium and stainless steel for heat exchangers in boilers, Dr Elaine Lancaster of Ideal Commercial Boilers, makes the case for aluminium– a material that is increasingly being specified over stainless-steel alternatives.

Sime, Boilers, space heating

Sime adds to Murelle range of boilers

The Murelle One HE 25 kW wall-hung combination boiler from Sime features the elegance of the company’s signature Italian design. Premium-quality components include Giannoni’s condensing evolution stainless-steel and alloy heat exchanger with larger waterways. It is described as the most compact and energy-efficient boiler in the Murelle range.

EOGB, oxygen trim, O2 trim, boilers, space heating
The energy-saving benefits of less excess air — Stevie O’Neill.

Realising the potential of new heating technology

Stevie O’Neill of EOGB Energy Products Ltd, looks at the effect that new heating technology such as O2 and CO trim has on the efficiency of commercial heating systems and the benefits of automatic trim control.

Hoval, Cascade rigs, Boilers, space heating
With all cascade systems, be they just boilers or a mix of heat sources, controlling each source to maximise efficiency is essential. This is Hoval’s TopTronic system.

Controlling the cascade

When operating heat sources in cascade configuration it’s important to design and configure the system to get the most from each source. Kevin Stones of Hoval explains.

Stokvis, floor-standing boiler, Boilers, space heating

Stokvis launches Evolution modular floor-standing range of boilers

Stokvis Energy Systems’ Econoflame R600 Evolution range of floor-standing gas boilers comprises seven models with outputs from 142 to 540 kW and are designed for installing in confined spaces in retrofit or less-accessible new installation.

Lochinvar, Boilers, space heating

Lochinvar provides boiler control from smart devices

Lochinvar has developed a ‘smart’ app-based controller for its Herald range of gas-fired condensing boilers. The Con-X-us system enables users of smart devices such as phones and tablets to connect to the on-board boiler controls so that they can monitor and adjust system operation and heating parameters.



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