Carrier sets up commissioning and warranty team

Steve Avery (centre) is manager of a dedicated commissioning and warranty engineering team set up by Carrier.
Carrier Air Conditioning has set up a dedicated engineering team for commissioning and warranty work. A team of very experienced engineers has been given special training to form a specialist department under former commissioning co-ordinator Steve Avery, who becomes national customer-services manager. The team’s remit, which is believed to be unique among manufacturers of chillers and air-conditioning systems in the UK is to become involved with clients from the earliest stage of an order. Carrier believes that this approach will avert potential problems long before they could ever occur, resulting in significant management efficiencies and savings for customers. Other benefits arising from taking up a Carrier Start-Up Plus maintenance include a commissioning engineer being available to carry out the designated inspection visits that will support the integrity of the commissioning process.
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