BCO wellness study informs Specification Guide 2019

In June the British Council for Offices (BCO) issued ‘definitive guidance’ on how to enable health and wellbeing across an office building’s lifecycle.

The findings of the study will inform the next BCO Guide to Specification which is the industry-recognised standard for best practice in office development across the UK. It is due to be published in early 2019.

The report titled ‘Wellness Matters: Health and Wellbeing in offices and what to do about it’ is the result of a 12-month study.

The research carried out by the BCO, which has included input from medical and academic experts, identifies the most recent and relevant medical evidence justifying a proactive approach to health and wellbeing in the built environment.

Richard Kauntze, chief executive of the BCO commented: “The work achieved in this study will represent a significant step in the industry’s understanding of health and wellbeing. It is one of the BCO’s most significant studies.”

One of the reasons that wellness is rising up the agenda for office design has been the revolution in data collection and analysis, allowing researchers to grasp the impacts of the built environment on occupants.

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