Dunham-Bush achieves the LST fan convector

The casing of a new range of fan convectors from Dunham-Bush stays below 43°C, even in standby mode.
The new low-surface-temperature version of Dunham-Bush’s AM series of fan convectors ensures that surface temperatures do not exceed 43°C. Achieving low surface temperatures for fan convectors is more difficult than for radiators because of higher air velocities in operation and higher internal temperatures in standby mode when the fans are not running, eventually heating the casing. Dunham-Bush has addressed these problems by modifying the output from the heating coil and introducing a 4-port diverting valve to isolate the coil in standby mode — enabling these units to comply with the requirements of NHS Estates set out in 1998. These floor-mounted fan convectors are available in all standard sizes and have outputs from 2 to 9 kW. Installation is as straightforward as standard models, and the actuator is automatically controlled, with no need for additional control inputs. LST cut-outs are prewired for easy plug-in installation. Common control arrangements can be used, including master/slave operation for groups of two to six fan convectors.
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