Hands-free hand hygiene from Rada

Hands-free hot water for all healthcare applications is provided by Rada’s Acu digital thermostatic mixing valves.

Rada’s Acu digital thermostatic mixing valves are designed to provide touch-free hand-washing for all healthcare applications. Maximum, minimum and default temperatures can be programmed, and these valves also have duty-flush and thermal-disinfection capabilities. (important for controlling legionella), complemented by temperature and data logging.

The spout and controls are inset into proprietary wall panel systems and can be accessed, programmed and maintained without having to remove the panels.

These valves have infra-red non-touch operation for on/off control and temperature adjustment. Simple programming provides selection of time flow control and fixed or adjustable temperature.

Temperatures can be pre-set in three fixed modes — clinical, patient and surgical, within DO8 guidelines — or for free use up to a maximum of 48°C through secure programming.

The spout is the key to activating the product and comes in two lengths to meet the needs of ‘Health technical memorandum 64’. It has an adapter to support the installation of Pall-type water filters.

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