Npower Business signs green-electricity contracts

As part of a 2-year contract to supply Westminster City Council’s entire portfolio of 1563 sites with 118 GWh of electricity and 255 GWh of gas, Npower Business is supplying 28 major site with 100% renewable electricity from sources such as wind farms and hydro stations. Npower Business is also supplying the Nottingham head office of information-solutions provider Experian with 5 GWh of green electricity. As part of the contract, Experian has also taken 15 GWh of good-quality CHP, which represents a 3:1 improvement on conventional generation. John Feely, project manager with Westminster City Council, says, ‘This deal firmly underlines our commitment to providing a greener Westminster for all residents and business within the area. As a council, we take very seriously the issue of climate change and are delighted to be playing a part in helping to reverse its effects, both now and in the future.’ Roger Scothern, group building-services manager at Experian, comments, ‘Although we are not the sort of organisation that has manufacturing plants sending pollutants into the air or into the ground, Experian is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities. We want to do as much as we can to reduce the amount of energy we use, and by doing so lower our carbon-dioxide emissions. As part of our energy-reduction programme, around 10% of our energy needs were met by green energy last year, and we are keen to continue purchasing green energy.’
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