LUL takes Indepth approach to cleaning grease-extract ducting

Published:  09 October, 2004

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To minimise fire risk from grease-extract ducting in kitchens, Indepth Hygiene now cleans these systems at various London Underground sites.

Transport for London has awarded a contract for cleaning grease-extract systems at over 20 Transport for London and London Underground sites with staff catering operations to Indepth Hygiene Services.

The largest LUL catering facility is at the organisation’s headquarters at St James’s Park. It provides meals for over 2000 staff from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day except Christmas Day.

Indepth Hygiene Services has been cleaning LUL kitchens for some time. The extension of contract to cover the grease-extract systems came about following surveys of the ductwork by Indepth Hygiene.

Grease-extract ventilation systems draw hot, grease-laden air from kitchen canopies and cooker hoods to an external vent. These systems often run through the building hidden behind ceilings and encased in risers. They can represent a major fire risk if they are not inspected and cleaned regularly.

Phil Savill, support manager for catering facilities, explains, ‘While the catering facilities are owned and operated by private catering firms, we have custody of the sites and a remit to maintain the kitchens and staff restaurants. As part of our routine risk assessments, we became aware of the need to regularly clean the grease extract systems, as well as deep clean the kitchens.’

Regular cleaning helps LUL comply with its statutory duty to assess and minimise fire risks to ensure the safety of staff and passengers. It also ensures that the building’s fire-insurance policies are not invalidated by a failure to adequately maintain the grease-extract systems.

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