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Delivering reliable heating performance

Achieving reliable heating in buildings requires a flexible, high-performance solution. With their improved ease of installation and outstanding high efficiencies, it’s no wonder that tried-and-tested condensing boilers are ticking all boxes, says James Porter of Remeha.

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Reflections on 10 years in the commercial-boiler market — John Bailey.

10 years in wall-hung boilers

Boilers and the technology associated with them seem to change very slowly, and even quite an old boiler could, until quite recently, quite easily be replaced with like for like. One of the most significant changes has been the move towards wall-hung boilers and their use in cascade configurations, as highlighted by John Bailey, Vaillant’s sales director for commercial and renewable systems, reflecting on 10 years of Vaillant being involved with commercial systems in the UK.

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Rinnai heating for large spaces

Rinnai’s Energysaver range of fanned-convection powered-flue gas-fired space heaters are designed specifically for use in schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories and churches and other large spaces. Recent enhancements to the range include the 559FT (pictured) and the 309FT.

Electric heating in non-domestic buildings — the path to Part L

Despite increasingly stringent carbon-reduction targets, achieving Part L compliance with electric heating in non-domestic buildings remains viable and can deliver significant benefits. Chris Stammers of Dimplex explains how.

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Micronics flowmeters help survey heating system at Heathrow

Micronic flowmeters have been used at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4 to survey energy usage in the heating system. The facilities staff at the terminal have a 5-year plan running to 2019, entitled Quinquennium 6, which includes the redesign of the medium-temperature hot-water system, which previously ran at 120°C. The requirement was to run the system at a lower temperature to be more cost effective, more environmentally friend and — crucially — safer.

Sabien, EndoTherm

Reduced surface tension improves system efficiency

It is well-established that imperfections in a heat exchange surface can have a negative impact on heat transfer. Tony Willis of Sabien Technology explains how a CIBSE award-winning additive to reduce the surface tension of the heating fluid can improve performance.

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LST fan convectors

The Caspian LST (low surface temperature) range of fan convectors from Smith’s EP UK fully complies with the NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes ‘safe hot water and surface temperatures’ (formerly known and DN4). Compliance has been independently verified by BSRIA.

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More radiant heat improves comfort — Jigsaw Facilities Management has installed Stelrad Radical radiators in its own offices in Cheshire.

Radiators respond to new commercial challenges

Radiators have a number of features that make them suited to a range of commercial applications, and recent developments enable them to provide a solution for more applications. Chris Harvey of Stelrad Radiators takes up the story.

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Viessmann boiler cascade saves space and reduces installation time

Viessmann’s Vitodens 200-W boiler cascade system for commercial applications is more compact than its predecessor and offers outputs from 12 to 594 kW. It requires 30% less space than the previous cascade system and reduces installation times by up to 50%. The height required for installation is reduced from 2.2 to 1.8 m. The width required is also reduced — for example, three boilers in series require 2.3 m compared with 2.7 m previously.

Electric boilers on the rise

As the number of urban high-rise developments continues to increase, so does the trend for electric heating. Alan Clarke of Heatrae Sadia, talks electric wet central-heating boilers and the key points to consider when it comes to product specification.

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Flexibility billing for residents on communal heating system

Heat interface units and billing services for the communal heating system in a development of luxury apartments and homes for first-time buyers in the Ladbroke Grove development from Taylor Wimpey Central London were supplied by Evinox Energy. The development is part of the regeneration of Grand Union Centre and also includes office accommodation and retail units. Evinox worked with P. R. Morson on the developments.

BSRIA, space heating

BSRIA-BEIS event debates non-domestic heating

The industry was recently given the opportunity to provide feedback on standards and performance on heating systems in non-domestic buildings. There was some lively discussion.

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Rinnai water heaters team up with renewable energy

Rinnai’s continuous-flow water-heating solutions can work with renewable-energy sources such as solar-thermal and air-source heat pumps. The concept is that the water heater tops up the temperature of stored water heated using renewable energy — but only when required.

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Dunham-Bush trench heating serves new technology centre

Dunham-Bush trench-heating systems were specified for Building 3 at Advanced Manufacturing Park’s Technical Centre in Rotherham to offset heat losses and down draughts from the glazed facade. This building provides flexible offices and workshops for up to 11 tenants involved in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, marine, petrochemical and power generation.

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Versatile and efficient heating — Nick Winton.

The perfect warm-up routine

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments throughout the UK spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year on heating. It’s an essential outgoing, but that doesn’t mean cost savings can’t be achieved. Even the most complex of heating needs can be met without breaking the budget, according to Nick Winton of Nor-Ray-Vac.

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Taking heating efficiency and comfort to new heights

Radiant heating panels are growing in popularity, and for a number of good reasons. David Simoes of Zehnder Group UK explains where they are appropriate and what benefits can be expected.

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Free service identifies heating cost savings

Commercial-heating specialist EOGB Energy Products offers a service to help companies and organisations reduce their heating bills. The ‘Heating health check’ service involves a specialist EOGB engineer visiting a site and carrying out a full boiler and plant inspection to assess current performance. The boiler combustion is analysed, and the customer receives a report with recommendations and estimated savings based on the current fuel tariff.

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An ideal partner for heat pumps — Jim Bennett.

An ideal partner for heat pumps

The right heat emitter will significantly boost the performance of a heating system based on the use of a heat pump, as Jim Bennett of Smith’s Fan Convectors explains.

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User-friendly control for underfloor heating and cooling — Warmafloor’s TICS Modular touchscreen interface.

Maximising the benefits of underfloor heating

The many benefits of underfloor heating, perhaps with cooling, can be maximised with the help of powerful control. Malcolm Jacques of Warmafloor takes up the story.

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Inta launches HIU

Inta’s Hiper heat interface unit (HIU) has separate plate heat exchangers for heating and DHW. Features include a factory-set non-electric temperature-control valve to prevent the risk of scalding if the power supply fails. Dual-speed PID control intelligently controls the heat into the plate heat exchange by the electronic modulation of a PICV (pressure-independent control valve).

Strebel, burner, space heating

New boilers and burners deliver savings for Marriott Hotel

Marriott International selected Strebel to provide more efficient heating and hot water for its Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in the West Midlands. The new heating solution comprises three boilers with 10 sections and outputs of 700 kW with Baltur gas burners supplied by EOGB. The improved system provides heat and hot water for the three floors of this 214-room luxury hotel and its full-service spa.

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Efficient heating for large, high buildings

Energy-efficient heating for large high-bay buildings is delivered by Nordair Niche air-rotation heaters by avoiding stratification — hot air accumulating below the roof. The effect is achieved without addition destratification fans/units.

Industry takes over a church heating problem

Salem Methodist Church at Cheslyn Hay in Staffordshire has a reliable heating system again following the donation of two boilers by Potterton Commercial for installation by specialist church-heating contractor Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical — also free. Potterton contributed two 70 kW Sirius wall-hung boilers.

Rinnai, convection heater, space heating

Rinnai enhances gas convection heater

Rinnai has enhanced the aesthetics of its Energysaver 559FT fanned-convection space heaters, which are widely used in schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories and churches. Changes have also been made to the operation board, which is now an easy-to-use touch-control pad on the top of the unit, rather than on the front with a flip-up cover. A child lock prevents tampering with the controls. The picture shows a humidification tray.

Mikrofill, boiler, space heating

Mikrofill updates the services for care home

To protect the reliability of LPHW and HWS systems in a care home in Sheffield, Mikrofill supplied gas-fired condensing boilers for a localised plantroom and Extreme 300 l loading cylinders to meet the hot-water demand in each bungalow.

Hoval, biomass, renewable energy, space heating

Biomass replaces LPG for school heating

As part of its drive to improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, Stroud School in Hampshire has installed two Hoval biomass boilers. They provide space heating and domestic hot water for the main building and two new buildings. The school had previously used LPG boilers.

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Radiant heating transforms hangar at RAF base

Comfort and fuel economy have both been massively improved following the replacement of warm-air-heating in an aircraft hangar at RAF Brize Norton. Base Hangar’s gas bill in 2012 was £800 000 a year. The installation of an AmbiRad Nor-Ray-Vac continuous-tube radiant heating system has reduced fuel costs by 75%.

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The need for the Renewable Heat Incentive — Justine Grant.

The continuing need for the Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is crucial to the UK’s long-term decarbonisation efforts, believes Justine Grant of Team.

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Radiant-tube heating

Combat’s multi-burner radiant-tube heating system is available in a wide variety of zoning options. They include herringbone, flag and T configurations. Multiple burners per pump reduce installation costs and the number of building penetrations. The system uses Blackheat burners.

Lochinvar, boiler, space heating

Lochinvar upgrades CPM boiler range

Lochinvar has upgraded its popular CPM range of condensing, gas-fired, stainless-steel, wall-hung boilers in line with the requirements of the European Eco-design of the Energy related Products (ErP) Directive. Lot 11 of this directive requires that integrated glandless circulating pumps have a maximum Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) no higher than 0.23. The revamped boilers all contain an A-rated integral fully modulating pump.

Spirotech, water treatment, space heating
The benefits of preventing contamination — Kevan Peaker.

The perils of air

Contamination in commercial heating systems can be a costly affair, leading to increased running costs and a higher probability of system breakdown. Kevan Peaker of Spirotech highlights some of the key symptoms to look out for in commercial heating systems, many of which are caused by the build up of dirt and air.

Underfloor heating specialist installs its own heating system

Stewarts Plumbing, an underfloor-heating installation specialist in Warwickshire, specified Polypipe plastic plumbing and underfloor heating for its new offices. The system chosen for heating was the Overlay, which is well suited to retrospective installation as it is installed over the existing floor and is only 18 mm deep.

Ideal Commercial Boilers, boiler, space heating

Ideal introduces more commercial boilers

Ideal Commercial Boilers’ Imax Xtra EL range of floor-standing condensing boilers is available in five models with outputs from 320 to 620 kW. They have a single aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger and are suitable for single and multiple installations for fully pumped, open-vented or pressurised systems.

Rehau, district heating, space heating

Rehau creates BIM models for district-heating pipework

Rehau has created BIM (Building Information Modelling) models for its district-heating pipework ahead of the deadline in April 2016 for BIM Level 2. BIM models are available for the Rauvitherm and Rauthermex pre–insulated polymer pipework systems.

When an engineered heating solution is the answer

Engineered heating solutions can answer the challenges of installations that aren’t suitable for off-the-shelf products. They offer the flexibility required to meet the heating needs of ‘problem’ buildings, explains Joe Kiernan of Reznor.

Boon Edam, door curtain, revolving door, space heating

Door curtains for revolving doors

This overdoor air curtain from Boon Edam is specifically designed for revolving doors to prevent cold air entering the building as the door revolves. The main body of the heater unit is mounted above the revolving door and has curved air outlets to create a warm barrier around the inner opening of the door.

Jaga, trench heating, space heating

Trench heating is an effective solution for cottage in Cheltenham

Trench heating has provided an effective alternative to radiators for heating a living room in Kenilworth Cottage in Cheltenham, owned by Richard Wheatley. He explains, ‘The room previously had a great big radiator on the back wall. It limited what we could do with the room. If we were to put a sofa in front of it, it would block the heat from circulating around the room and potentially damage the furniture over the course of time. The room also features large French windows.’

Stelrad, radiator, space heating

Stelrad Planar radiator can take the knocks

Stelrad now offers a heavy-duty version of its popular Planar radiators for applications such as nursing homes, factories, sorting offices, and commercial premises where trolleys, wheelchairs and tractor units may accidentally nudge the radiators.

Ideal Commercial Boilers,boiler, space heating

Heating — ancient and modern for Hull church

The largest parish church in England and a Grade 1 listed building, Holy Trinity Church in Hull, is now heated by an Imax Xtra EL 620 kW floor-standing condensing boiler from Ideal Commercial boilers. It was installed as part of a major overhaul of the heating system which was itself part of a £4.5 million project to transform the church into an events venue for Hull being the UK City of Culture in 2017.

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Heat pump is paired with Smith’s fan convectors

EcoPowerad fan convectors from Smith’s have been paired with an air-source heat pump for a new heating system to replace an oil-fired boiler and radiators in a home in Norfolk. The fan convectors have been installed in downstairs rooms, with traditional radiators upstairs in the bedrooms.

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Successful boiler replacement — Peter Gammon.

Old heating systems meet new boilers

Replacing ageing boiler plant in heating systems has become an important undertaking in commercial buildings, but as Peter Gammon of ELCO Heating Solutions explains, there are some considerations to be made.

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Oventrop delivers underfloor heating for new college campus

Oventrop’s projects division has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a 2000 m2 Cofloor underfloor heating system at the new Cardiff & Vale College. This campus covers an area of 16 000 m2 and is close to the centre of Cardiff. It will eventually house 4000 students, 250 staff and offer 200 course options.

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Biomass boilers heat Yorkshire Riding centre

One of Europe’s leading equestrian training centres has chosen Bio-Nordic to design and install a decentralised energy network based around a modular Ariterm biomass system. Two Biocomp PX 60 kW wood-pellet boilers are at the heart of the group-heating network at Yorkshire Riding Centre to heat several buildings — including the Courtyard Guest House, its adjacent accommodation block and other lodges and chalets.

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Powrmatic radiant heaters protect advanced paints

Powrmatic has supplied two radiant U-tube heaters to provide effective temperature control for the warehouse of Keim Mineral Paints in Telford. These natural, water-born silicate paints produce a micro-porous coating that is waterproof while allowing the substrate to ‘breathe’. Given the complex formulation of the paints, environmental conditions in the warehouse are critical to maintaining product quality.

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Delivering the economic and environmental benefits of community heating.

Getting the best out of heat interface units

Heat interface units (HIUs) have a key role to play in enhancing the user experience of community heating and maximising its efficiency. Colin Judd of BSRIA explores the issues.



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