Palace of Westminster

M&E services are key to Palace of Westminster refurbishment

The poor condition of the buildings services and a lack of detailed knowledge about them are the reasons for the Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster recommending that MPs, Peers and staff should move out temporarily [six years] so that a total refurbishment can be carried out. The palace has not had a major refurbishment of its M&E services since it was built in the mid-1800s, leading to a substantial and growing risk that a catastrophic event such as a major fire or incremental system failures will lead to the building becoming uninhabitable.


Major building sector unfazed by Brexit

The building-services-engineering sector, which makes up 40% of the UK construction and maintenance industry, believes it will weather the outcome of Brexit over the next few years — according to a major survey from the Electrical Contractors’ Association, the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and Scotland’s trade association for the electrical industry SELECT. Almost half of survey respondents (46%) believe Brexit will have a positive effect on their company in just five years’ time, with 19% saying it will have a negative impact. 23% said it will have no discernable impact.

BESA, Building Engineering Services Association

BESA president highlights industry issues

Malcolm Thomson, president of the Building Engineering Services Association, plans during his presidential year to champion the association’s campaigns in the fields of diversity, equal opportunities and mental health in the workplace, and standing up for the small contractor. He himself is managing director of a small air-conditioning company, Enigma Environmental Services, based in Berkshire.

IET, survey, work experience
Developing skills — Naomi Climer.

Employers see student work experience as solution to skills gap in engineering

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of engineering employers say that graduates do not have the right skills for today’s workplace, while 68% are concerned that the education system will struggle to keep up with the skills required for technological change according to a report* published by the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

Heating control — a work in progress

Selecting energy-efficient boiler plant is just the first step in efficiency. How it is controlled through its life is just as important. Kevin Stones of Hoval illustrates this principle with reference to heating systems served by cascade boiler installations.

Just one life

If even one life was saved, then all the industry’s efforts to tackle mental-health issues in the workplace would be worthwhile, says Paul McLaughlin, chief executive of the Building Engineering Services Association.

The implications of Brexit for facilities management

Brexit poses many questions about UK energy and environmental policy and what it means for facilities managers. Adrian Trevelyan of Airedale shares his views and offers some guidance.

Gilberts reworks speculative ventilation system to meet Google’s requirements

Pending completion of Google’s new 93 000 m2 offices at Kings Cross in London, Gilberts has upgraded the air movement in temporary rented accommodation for 4500 staff in front of the new site. The rented space was speculatively built and fully fitted out for general office accommodation. However, the higher-than-average use of IT by Google required upgrading the existing air movement.

First UK project for Ciat’s remote monitoring and control system

The first UK installation of Ciat’s M2M air-conditioning control and monitoring system is for a leading horticultural specialist. The system is providing continuous remote monitoring of a 2.1 MW water-to-water heat-pump plant, based on four Dynaciat Power LG1800v units.

Some like it hot

Stewart Jones of Tata Steel discusses the benefits of hot-finished tubes over cold-formed alternatives in building service applications.

Geberit develops pressing solution for bunded pipes

Fuel Storage Solutions (FSS) and Geberit have worked together to create a bespoke version of Mapress pipe. It is a bunded pressing solution for a data centre in London which required new bulk tanks, polishing systems and pipework, fully linking with the existing single-skin welded steel pipe systems.

Ashford’s award-winning approach to flushing systems

Traditionally, vast quantities of clean, potable water are discharged to drain during the dynamic flushing procedure that is part of the pre-commission cleaning process of a closed pipework system. Up to 20 times the system volume may be required, which has to be discharged to drain.

What’s in store for maximising the use of renewable energy?

Energy-storage technology is starting to transform the way buildings operate and opens up the possibility of a 100% renewable electricity system, says Tim Rook of BESA.

Making a success of surface-water heat pumps

Surface water as a potential heat source for heat pumps abounds. Phil Jones would like to see it much more widely exploited.

Getting the most from biomass boilers

To maximise the benefits of the biomass heating, specifiers and building operators need to address some key criteria — as Martin Murrish of Hoval explains.



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      Benefits & Grade   Grade L or M. Starting salary will either be Senior Grade L or Principal Grade M subject to qualifications and experience. A ‘golden hello’ payment of up to £5,000 p.a. is payable for the first two years for suit.........

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