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The scope for reducing the annual energy consumption of air-conditioning systems is some 45%. ANDREW KEOGH discusses a whole range of opportunities.
Prescriptive regulations for boiler plant in commercial buildings will not always lead to the most efficient heating system being installed. There are many factors to be considered, as GRAHAM WILLIAMSON explains.
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Building-services engineers have fought shy of installing variable speed drives or inverters in the past, but GUY KENNETTsays that their apprehensions are based on older technologies. He also admits that few drives engineers have taken the trouble to understand the needs of environmental installations.
Comfort technology based on radiant heating and cooling is more energy efficient than just controlling air temperature, according to a major Italian company, which is now bringing its underfloor heating technology to the UK.
Air conditioning and passive ventilation both have important contributions to make to the comfort of buildings. Now those contributions have been combined and increased by two companies working together to exploit the benefits of mixed-mode cooling.
More hot summers, financial and regulatory pressures of increasing energy prices and the political determination to improve energy efficiency are all problems that can yield to the capabilities of intelligent building-management systems. TED SCHEIDEGGER explains.
As part of efforts to reduce fuel bills by Portsmouth City Teaching Primary Care Trust Estates & Facilities Services, Keston Boilers is supplying equipment for heating and hot-water requirements. The scope of projects includes special-needs care home, day hospitals and health centres.
To help meet requirements for maximum heating efficiency with low emissions for the new Pier 6 development at Gatwick Airport, NG Bailey has installed Ultramax gas-fired condensing boilers from MHS boilers. To meet the fluctuating heating requirement of this project, the heat output of these boilers is fully variable down to 25% of full output.
Danfoss has prepared a CD-ROM that provides comprehensive guidance on the control and application of AC drives in the HVCA sector. HVAC Planet is available free and supersedes the HVACity CD.
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To help building proprietors and managers comply with legislation on the energy performance of buildings and carbon-dioxide emissions, Andrews Water heaters is continuing its development of condensing technology.
Such is the use made of renewable energy sources in a 420 m2 home in Gloucestershire, that a Hepworth Hep2O underfloor heating and domestic-hot-water installation is expected to have total running cots of £65 a year, Heating costs are calculated at £50 a year, with a further £15 for hot water.
Airedale has added compact 5 and 6.5 kW models to its Ecotel Indoor range of packaged, free-cooling for telecom exchanges, base stations, cabins and shelters, as well as ISPs and computer rooms.
Ensuring that electrical installations in commercial buildings comply with regulations requires a planned programme of inspection and testing. ANDRE DUFAYE outlines what is involved.
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The changing nature of electrical installations is reducing their natural impedance, so that higher short-circuit currents occur. DAVID PITT and CHRIS SMITH explain the consequences.
Dave Milbourne
Concealing electrical cables is either messy work or lacks elegance. DAVE MILBOURNE explains another approach.
How much protection against electromagnetic interference does data cabling need? MATTHEW WAYS explains describes how independent tests confound common sense.
Pacemaker high-bay luminaires and Tufflite luminaires have been supplied by Cooper Lighting & Security for the maintenance deport of the Nottingham Express Transit tramway. This is the first tram service to operate in Nottingham since 1936 and carried 8.4 million passengers in its first year — well ahead of target.
Ex-Or has expanded its Connect range of purpose-designed connection systems for lighting installations with the launch of Connect Ultra-Lite.
Armorduct has expanded its range of stainless-steel conduit and fittings for use in kitchens, food factories, health-car facilities and laboratory environments.
A new range of electrical distribution boards from Schneider Electric incorporates features to avoid installation errors.
Over 5000 electrical components are covered in Wieland Electric’s new building installation catalogue. They are part of the Gesis system, with all components from the distribution unit to the consumer device being plug-in
To provide power for a mobile cardiac catheter laboratory at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, power support company Merlin Power Management delivered a 200 kVA standby generator overnight.

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