Rising to the energy challenge

Lord Rupert Redesdale talks exclusively to MBS about the important issue of the UK's energy challenge and how we might balance our energy requirements with the shift to renewable generation. 

Public and private sectors unite to boost UK energy efficiency at EMEX

For the past 3 years, EMEX (www.emexlondon.com), organised in partnership with the Energy Managers Association (EMA, www.theema.org.uk), has helped thousands of businesses from all sectors to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their operational costs.

Energy is about to become expensive and there is little the government can do about it

Politicians make vocal cries that consumers should switch supplier. This has been a traditional refrain, but the reality is that energy supply and costs are entering the perfect storm bringing a headache for British business. Many have been raising this point for years, but always the argument has moved to the best price for consumers without addressing the fundamental problems the industry faces.

An easier route to healthy, sustainable buildings

Darren Evans of Darren Evans Assessments welcomes the harmonisation between BREEAM and the WELL Building Standard.

Wellbeing meets sustainability

Towards a new perspective on environmental conditions in buildings

Top 5 Energy Saving Opportunities to Future-Proof Your Business

 Lord Redesdale, Member of the House of Lords and CEO of The Energy Managers Association, organisers of EMEX, looks at ways to Future Proof your business. 

Engage with your energy bill – or lose out

Demand-side engagement with energy can only lower costs. 

Water Marketplace Deregulation – Will it live up to its potential?

Will non-domestic water retailing have the desired effect?

Training – now is the time

A serious skills shortage is hampering our industry's ability to take advantage of a growing market. 

Cut out the cutting-and-pasting please

Copy and pasting of designs is stifling innovation in the industry

Why you should be worried about the price of energy following Brexit.

Heads up for steep rises in costs, says Lord Redesdale - CEO Of the Energy Manager's Association

The end of DECC

The end of an era?

The pros of decentralised ventilation

Decentralised ventilation can be answer for larger spaces, explains Robert Griffin of Hoval

Support your trade association

Membership has its priviledges.

Gooee to smart buildings - if we're ready

Gooee sounds like a silly name - but it's bringing the Internet of Things to Buildings

Putting installers at the forefront of energy-efficiency retrofit

Installers should be the central focus of future policymaking in the energy-efficiency retrofit market

A strategy for construction?

Is the Government Construction Strategy just more of the same?

Making Green Buildings pay

Where the value lies in going green. 

European Commission’s Heating and Cooling Strategy

The Heating and Cooling Strategy is the EU's first initiative aimed at this area

Survival of the pickiest

Being selective about bidding is a positive step for the industry, says John Daly of LJJ

View from the outside

How does the rest of the world view us?

When construction works

The redevelopment of Birmingham New Street Station is a great example of construction making things better, not worse. 

Closing the performance gap

Only 25% of buildings have any sort of credible controls system

No (government) incentive required

The DECC is running out of money for renewable energy incentives. 

IET Wiring Regulations - are you compliant?

Steve Marr considers the latest wiring regulations.

Paris in the Spring

Looking forward to the 2015 Climate Change Summit.

The cost of everything and the value too.

Looking at the Model Format for Building Services Specifications.

Data is the new value in building services

Karen Fletcher considers  the future of Big Data in Building Services

A deadline not to be missed

The 2018 deadline for EPC ratings of F or G is not as far away as you think.

Ecodesign and HVACR

Mike Lawrence, chairman of the FETA Board, explains why the Ecodesign Directive is an important piece of legislation across the EU member states. 

R22 Phase out. Replace or Modify?

BSRIA’s Director of Engineering, Mike Smith, is concerned that many Building Owner/Operators may be unaware of the changes in Refrigerant legislation that could have a major impact on their business. 

Homes for Heroes?

High rise, multi-use buildings present an opportunity to the industry - but we must raise our game. 

M for Maintenance

Ken Sharpe considers the new CIBSE Maintenance guide. 

An early warning

Are energy managers set to become "The rock stars of the corporate world"?

15 simple carbon-reducing tips

Following the release of the Synthesis report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), highlighting the need to reduce carbon usage, Ian Orme of BSRIA provides some useful tips on how to help reduce carbon - and energy use -  within your organisation.

In an uncertain world, we need to forecast more than one future.

Single point project forecasts hamper our ability to make the best choices.

Can we harness the IoT for construction too?

The "Internet of Things" makes brings your household appliances online. How can we utilise this technology for Construction?

The human factor – unpredictable but powerful

Staff can make or break your energy strategy.

Ozone layer turns the corner

Ken Sharpe Considers HCFCs and 25 years of the Ozone hole.

Business leads the way – as usual

Karen Fletcher Reports from the Energy Information Theatre.

Come back Building Services - All is forgiven

A lack of brand recognition doesn't detract from the industry's importance

Ticking boxes is not the same as taking action

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is now underway – sort of.  ESOS is following the usual pattern of government attempts to change business behaviour on energy.

Unintended Consequences

It seems that every time the Government tries to solve the UK’s energy challenge, the law of unintended consequences kicks in.

BIM – Building Intelligence Modelling

Truly Intelligent buildings are within our reach.

Time for renewables to get competitive – are we ready?

The EU is changing the rules on support for renewables, so it’s time to pay attention and make sure you don’t miss out as renewable energies are exposed to greater market forces.

Karen Fletcher.

Carbon is dead?

Measuring carbon is quite complicated, and often very political. Are carbon reduction schemes helping us achieve lower emissions – or confusing the process? Karen Fletcher considers the options.



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