Demand-controlled ventilation with heat recovery from Aereco

Published:  01 December, 2013

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Demand-controlled ventilation with heat recovery — Aereco’s DXR system

Aereco’s DXR demand-controlled MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) system for homes controls both the supply and exhaust air streams. It is claimed to achieve 92% energy savings compared with a mechanical exhaust ventilation (MEV) system at constant airflow, while providing the same indoor air quality.

The DXR system automatically adjusts ventilation according to the specific needs of all rooms, rather than delivering constant or globally controlled airflows.

Modulation significantly reduces average airflows, so average heat losses are half those of a ventilation system with constant airflow. 85% heat recovery achieves energy savings of around 92% compared with an MEV system. EC fans further reduce energy consumption.

The heat-recovery unit has bypass for mild conditions and can also be used in free-cooling mode to provide night cooling in the summer.

Filters stay cleaner longer, reducing energy consumption. Halving the average airflow reduces filter clogging and doubles filter durability compared with other heat-recovery systems.

Airflows are automatically controlled according to the needs of each room.

Each supply unit is directly connected to the DXR hub which controls supply air according to CO2 level or presence.

At the exhaust point, the BXC units adapt airflow to variable settings depending on humidity in the bathroom, presence in WC, humidity and switch in the kitchen for boost airflow.

Supply and exhaust airflows are balanced by constant monitoring via two automatically controlled compensation valves.

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