SAV adds to capabilities of centralised commissioning modules

SAV’s centralised commissioning modules can used to control the fan-coil units they serve with the addition of the new SAV Control Commissioning Module.
SAV has added centralised control to its commissioning modules for fan-coil units. By centralising the control capability for up to six fan-coil units at the module, site wiring is simplified — with only a single cable being required to connect to the module to the building-management system. It enables commissioning engineers to perform a range of tasks from a central point. Manufacturers of fan-coil units will not be required to undertake the laborious and costly task of fitting control sets to each FCU. All the waterside and fan-speed controls for up to six FCUs are housed inside the control commissioning module — a 250 mm-deep box that can be located in the ceiling or floor void. Quick-connect plugs link the control module to the commissioning module, and only simple wiring is required to each FCU. The commissioning modules house key components, including multi-port manifold, manual air vent and isolation valves, large strainer with fine mesh and specially designed commissioning valves. The module is connected to the fan-coil units by flexible, multi-layer pipes. Forward and back flushing for the whole system can be carried out from the commissioning module. Flows can be balanced by a single operative. The problem of trapped air is overcome by an air bleed valve in each module.

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