Control valve brings more features to DHW systems

Oventrop’s Aquastrom T Plus valve brings important energy-efficiency and safety benefits to DHW systems.
Oventrop has developed a valve that simplifies the commissioning of domestic-hot-water systems and provides significant energy savings by thermostatically controlling temperature and flow in the system. Aquastrom T Plus valves are factory preset and operate as a temperature control valve on the DHW return. When the system is up to temperature, the valve throttles down to a minimum flow to limit heat loss and reduce the energy needed to raise return water back to the flow temperature. As soon at the hot water in the return pipe cools to a preset temperature (say 55°C), the valve allows more flow to eliminate cold dead legs and the risk of legionella bacteria growing. These valves also provide for hydronic balance of the DHW system and enable automatic system pasteurisation when the hot-water generator or stored-water is raised to 75°C. The built-in temperature-monitoring facility can be removed and replaced with a probe for connecting to a building-management system. Oventrop explains that in a system that has been manually balanced, there is no guarantee that the 75°C water temperature produced for pasteurising will reach the furthest part of any circuit — so each valve and leg would require manual checking. Aquastrom T plus valves automatically open to allow high-temperature water to get to the legs in a system that other valves may not enable it to reach.
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