Non-heat fittings are a plumb choice for housing scheme in Warwick

The extra cost of Yorkshire non-heat fittings for a residential development in Warwick has been more than offset by faster installation.
Using a range of press-fit and push-fit fittings for pipework from Yorkshire for a new development of apartments and houses in Warwick has avoided the need for a hot-works permit and proved much quicker than soldering or brazing joints. The Arena development by Laing Homes comprises properties with one to four bedrooms in self-contained buildings up to four storeys high. Each building has its water delivered through a riser, which feeds directly from the cold water pump mains to a central point in the building. The risers then deliver water to each apartment via a network of pipes. Each riser includes XPress Copper press-fit fittings, Tectite Pro push-fit valves and Tectite Sprint push-fit fittings. There will be 23 such risers, with XPress Copper fittings in sizes up to 54 mm. The risers have been designed by Integra Utility Services, which is also installing them. Martin Dowey, Yorkshire’s sales-development manager, says, ‘Heat-free products like Tectite and Xpress provide installers and developers with significant installed-cost savings. Integra is already seeing the benefits at The Arena and is now using our products on other projects.’
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