Applied Energy looks to help domestic heating exploit LZC and renewable energy sources

heat pump
Heat-pumps for the domestic-heating industry are seen by Applied Energy as a key technology for reducing carbon emissions.
A variety of low-to-zero-carbon technologies and equipment to exploit renewable energy for domestic heating is available from Applied Energy with its Creda and Stiebel Eltron product ranges. The company also offers design and support services for specifiers, developers and installers. Kevin Tolson of Applied Energy says, ‘Renewable energy sources and current domestic fuel prices demand attention. We must make our domestic heating the most efficient and environmentally kind as possible. There are verifiable figures which show that electric heating in the home is now approaching 20% cheaper than gas-fired systems. ‘It is possible — now — to have fully controllable and sustainable electric central heating with zonal control. Some figures also show that landlords — including those in both the private and social sectors — could be 50% better off with electric-heating and hot-water systems.’ One approach for increasing the efficiency of domestic heating is heat pumps, which can extract energy from the air, water and the ground with a COP of up to five. Kevin Tolson explains that air/water heat pumps can be combined with solar heating, underfloor heating or wet radiator systems. Applied Energy also offers brine/water systems in four sizes and applicable to detached houses. They are suitable for well installations, ground collectors and ground probes. The highest energy efficiency is achieved by water/water heat pumps extracting heat from groundwater at temperatures from 8 to 12°C. Groundwater in adequate quantity and quality with separate wells for delivery and return are required.
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