Enhancing commissioning technology

Proflow Venturi

Pegler Yorkshire’s Proflow Venturi valve is said to offer a unique approach to commissioning modern heating and chilled-water systems. The heart of these valves is their integrated fixed-orifice venturi, which increases flow velocity and the pressure differential — amplifying the signal generated. Significant pressure drop is recovered after the water has passed through the venturi nozzle.

These valves use a quarter-turn ball valve for isolation and a needle valve for regulation in the same body — so they can be isolated without affecting the setting.

Measuring accuracy is ±3% across the entire range of valves, and there is no need for straight pipe runs of three to five times the pipe diameter to obtain an accurate reading — except immediately after a pump.

These valves can be installed in any orientation, including test points facing down, and be connected to most steel, copper or plastic pipe systems.

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